Volleyball Sets For CIF and State
Posted 05/04/2009 10:00PM

Volleyball Sets For CIF and State

by Molly Zuckerman ’12
From the May 5, 2009 Mainsheet

Boys varsity volleyball entered CIF playoffs strong this year, starting out as the third seed and also ranked third in division five.

The team won its last seven matches. On April 14, the team played its rival team, Flintridge Prep, and won the match with a score of 3-2. Chadwick lost the first game, won the second and lost the third by 27-25. Then the team’s playing style evened out, and it won its last two games with scores of 17-25 and 13-15.

“The season has actually been better than I expected,” said coach Michael Cass.

Cass had reason to be nervous about the season as four starting varsity players graduated last year.

However, this year’s younger sophomores and juniors stepped up to strengthen the lineup. One strong new player for the varsity team is Hank Trumbull ’12, who, Cass says, “[has] adapted, and done a really good job.”

The next match, against Viewpoint on April 16, was another important win, as the team had lost to them the previous year. The final score in the Viewpoint match was also 3-2. Chadwick won the first two games with a score of 17-25 and 16-25, lost the next two by 25-17 and 25-18 and then secured its victory by winning its last game 13-15.

The team’s next important match was on May 1 against Flintridge Prep once again, for the league title. Chadwick won by a score of 3-1. The team lost the first game 23-25 but won the next three with scores of 25-23, 27-25 and 25-12.

Winning this match means that now the boys team has won league title four years in a row. The match was also a great way for the seniors to celebrate their last day in high school.

Cass now has to worry about next year because six members of this year’s team are graduating.

“We are going to be hurting to fill the holes,” Cass said.

Max McFarland ’09, one of the captains as well as a four-year volleyball team member, is “the best boys volleyball player I have seen come through Chadwick,” said Cass. McFarland’s absence will be a crucial loss for the team.

Brian Shaw ’09, who has also been on the team for all four years, will be missed as well, even though he had an unusually rough season. Shaw was injured over spring break with a broken wrist, causing him to miss a couple of matches. He was injured again more recently, this time with a dislocated thumb, which caused him to miss even more games.
Cass, however, said that overall, injuries have not negatively affected the team to a great extent over the course of their season.

One thing that occasionally affected the team’s play was the captain’s mood, according to captain Reid Maetani ’09.

“If I ever let my emotions kind of take over me and look frustrated it rubs off on the whole team,” Maetani said. “I still have to learn to stay confident and positive at all times and help the team to feel relaxed.”

Early in the season, the team needed to time to “figure out [its] personality,” said Cass. But now, whenever someone makes a great play, “the whole team just embraces that person just figuratively and literally,” Cass said. “Everything is starting to come together."

One thing that could make the team play even better is more support from fans at matches.

“The boys feed off of the positive energy from the crowd,” said Cass. This energy can help the volleyball team’s game, especially if a lot of people come to support them."