Chadwick's Core Values Guide Everything We Do

At Chadwick, our Core Values of compassion, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility are more than mere words. Our students and faculty live and breathe them every day. Our values set Chadwick students apart and send them out into the world as confident and capable leaders. 

Compassion Fairness Honesty Respect Responsibility

Starting in kindergarten, these Core Values are modeled and reinforced on a daily basis. They become second-nature. Students are empowered to make good decisions, respect diverse perspectives and engage thoughtfully and productively in their school community, at home and beyond.



Middle School Parent
Character growth is a very important part of life at Chadwick. To me, school is an extension of our life at home, and we appreciate that the school spends so much time trying to instill the core values in our children. I see a difference in the social behavior of Chadwick students and our local neighborhood kids, and people often comment that the Chadwick students they meet are polite and well-spoken.

A Chadwick School football player graciously helps an injured player from the opposing team member off the field.

A Commitment to Character