The Highest Standards of Education

Academic Excellence

Chadwick students boast the highest AP & SAT averages in the South Bay, with 100 percent of students attending 4-year colleges. 

Academics at Chadwick are rigorous, engaging and reflective. With the guidance and mentorship of dedicated teachers, students embark on an academic journey rooted in inquiry, classroom discussion and problem-solving.

Chadwick students learn by thinking critically and creatively, taking action and then reflecting on their discoveries. Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to encourage curiosity. Our students don’t simply seek to know, but rather to understand the “why” of their learning and then apply those principles beyond the classroom.


Margaret Chadwick
We believe that there is a marked difference
between thinking and memorizing.


As our students progress from the Village School (K-6) to the Middle School (7-8) and the Upper School (9-12), their learning is expanded through exploration, collaboration and student-initiated projects.

Chadwick is also the only Southern California member of the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON), offering electives like Arabic, meteorology, philosophy and post-AP calculus, chemistry and computer science. 


Every parent wants their child to succeed. Chadwick parents know that long-term success and well-being demand more than impressive test scores. They choose Chadwick because our curricula and our culture go far beyond intellectual development. Students are challenged academically, but they also learn to excel socially, ethically, physically and artistically. 

The core competencies of critical and creative thinking, character, courage, communication, collaboration and cultural competence ensure your child not only excels academically, but is a well-rounded, confident human being.



Chadwick’s 94 seniors received 452 offers of admission from 202 different colleges and universities.


National Merit Students

27 National Merit Scholars and Commended Students



(Students who attended Chadwick from kindergarten through graduation)

STEM at Chadwick

Samantha WallaceMiddle School Science Teacher
STEM is the fabric of the world. It is the nature of human endeavor. It’s both understanding everything around us and pushing our boundaries to what we can do with that.


Chadwick's STEM program is an immersive K-12 initiative that inspires and prepares students to think, do and lead in an increasingly global and technological marketplace.


STEM classes and activities teach students to connect ideas across disciplines and to become independent problem-solvers. Clubs and competitive teams centered around math, science and engineering give Chadwick students a chance to collaborate, explore and innovate with other STEM enthusiasts.


Hands-on learning projects range from kindergartners employing their own simple programming tools to create basic video games, to Upper Schoolers exploring their own research projects.

  • SCIENCE: State-of-the-art labs support an advanced K-12 science program, giving students a powerful foundation for experiential learning.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Students learn, communicate and present their work using iPads in grades K-6 and laptops in grades 7 through 12. They also have access to a dedicated Makerspace — creative, DIY spaces that feature 3D printers and inventive software for an immersive technology-based learning laboratory.
  • ENGINEERING: Robust, award-winning robotics programs encourage students to experiment, invent and innovate. 
  • MATH: A strong and balanced foundation in procedural fluency, conceptual understanding and problem solving prepares students for high-level mathematical thinking. 

Curious to know more about STEM? Explore the answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

With the guidance of our Innovation and Design Department Chair and STEM faculty members, selected students gain invaluable real-world experience through mentor-mentee relationships and internships at renowned institutions, including LIGO at Caltech, Space Radiation Lab at Caltech, USC ISI, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and USC's Keck School of Medicine.

Discover STEM at Every Level