Like visionary Chadwick School Founder Margaret Chadwick, we’re always looking toward the future. 

Our commitment to innovation has us constantly considering all the ways we can raise our standards of excellence, enhance our students’ experience and provide a world-class, transformative education. While we continue to strengthen the foundation built over the last 85 years, we also know we must adapt and grow along with the outside world. Attracting the very best faculty and students demands it. It’s in that spirit that we begin the next chapter of learning and leadership on our campus.

The Next Generation of Learning and Leading

Over the next several years, Chadwick will strengthen curricular initiatives designed to prepare our K-12 students to live, serve and lead in an ever-evolving, interconnected and interdependent world. 

These exciting and interdisciplinary curricular initiatives will focus on four areas: 

  1. Innovation and Research 
  2. Ethical, Global Leadership
  3. Community Wellness
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

These interdisciplinary initiatives will directly advance our longstanding commitment to independent thinking, rigorous academics and hands-on experiential learning. They’ll also build upon our collaborative and integrative nature, bringing students and teachers together to usher Chadwick’s Mission into — and beyond — the 21st century.

Innovation and Research 

Chadwick is committed to providing cross-disciplinary, cross-divisional and real-world opportunities in innovation, research and STEM fields. Our K-12 integrated approach will align Chadwick’s programs, resources and initiatives internally and beyond our campus. Outreach to colleges and universities, independent research centers and businesses will bring outside leaders to campus and connect Chadwick students with the latest discoveries in key fields.

Ethical, Global Leadership

In the years ahead, we envision ethical global leadership as a key component of daily conversation at Chadwick. Ethical, Global Leadership brings new programming, sends students to leadership conferences and global exchanges, and brings renowned leaders from all backgrounds to campus. In partnership with Chadwick International in Songdo, South Korea, and our soon to open Chadwick Ecopark campus near Hanoi, Vietnam, students will become global citizens who learn, serve and lead in tomorrow’s world. 

Creating the Future

Community Wellness

Caring for our minds and bodies is key to the overall health, well-being and lifelong success of Chadwick students. Our Community Wellness programs focus on the social, emotional and physical well-being of our K-12 students, faculty and staff, helping them learn and practice wellness tools, such as mindfulness, self-care and stress management so they’re prepared to lead well-rounded lives. 


Margaret Chadwick once said, “A strong feeling of belonging to each other and of belonging to the whole family of man develops and once a child has grasped the concept of ‘we’ as meaning ‘old and young, rich and poor, of every color and all nations’, he has found himself at home in the world.”

Our commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment is stronger than ever — and there is much work to be done. Honoring Margaret Chadwick's vision as a reality requires collaboration from every corner of our community. We are eagerly developing a critical wave of conversations and initiatives so that together, we can meet this moment with courage, compassion and conviction. 

Chadwick's future promises to be as storied as its past.

Our Rich History