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Why Chadwick School?

At Chadwick, we can think of lots of things that make our school special. Below, we share just a few.

We challenge our students, but we also support them.

Lots of schools have rigorous academic programs. But at Chadwick, we develop our curriculum with the whole child in mind. Our faculty work together to create enriching classroom experiences while also coordinating exams and assessments to ensure that students maintain a healthy life balance. That means Upper School students can take a challenging course on Game Theory (post-Calculus), perform in the school musical and enjoy time with their friends - all while gaining the academic foundation they need to succeed in university and beyond.

We limit our enrollment.

With an overall student-to-teacher ratio of just 8-to-1, we're able to structure our learning and assessments in a personal and meaningful way, focusing not just on test scores but on personal engagement and retention. Indeed, you'll rarely find standardized testing at Chadwick School. Instead, our faculty incorporate powerful discussion, writing, and debate into our assessment techniques, which provides a true snapshot of a students' overall understanding of material - and the opportunity to revisit and refocus when needed. It also allows our teachers to stretch our students beyond "standard" learning goals, thinking critically and applying complex concepts to daily life.

Discussion and hands-on learning are a big part of the Chadwick School curriculum.

We know your child really well.

Because of those meaningful exchanges, our teachers are able to make meaningful connections with their students. We know where your child is excelling, and when we can push them even further toward pursuing their passions. In fact, we consistently encourage our students to spread their wings in a safe, supportive environment. That kind of personal attention allows students to build confidence and courage over the long term. It also ensures that our teachers and college advisers can play an incredibly powerful role in the university admission process. They have the ability to write strong, personal recommendations and even direct students to universities where they're most likely to flourish.

Small schools create big opportunities.

Because our school is small, our students find that they're able to play a meaningful role in campus life. A small class size means there's always room to participate in the school newspaper, the varsity team, or the student council. Even better, at Chadwick, you'll rarely find reference to "the smart kid" or "the sporty kid." With an entire afternoon devoted solely to co-curricular projects, students can be both, making time for all of the things they love, be it community service, soccer, or orchestra.

With an overall student-to-teacher ratio of just 8:1, our faculty have the chance to build meaningful relationships with every student, guiding them to success in the classroom, the soccer field, and even university admissions.

We care.

When we choose your child for admission, we commit to developing and supporting your whole child, including both their classroom success and their emotional well-being. In that sense, the Chadwick education isn't just about academics. It's about growing as a person, finding one's way, and learning to adjust to a changing world. In addition to our talented faculty, we employ an entire team of counselors focused on the individual needs of every student. That's especially important during adolescence, when children are faced with an incredible range of choices, including not just the kinds of people they want to hang out with - but the kind of person they want to be.

Our hands-on curriculum creates a foundation for success.

It's not just what students learn that makes Chadwick special -- it's how. As an independent school, Chadwick faculty and staff have the freedom to develop curricula that offer students the chance to experience their learning hands-on, be it programming in our Robotics course, unlocking a scientific mystery in our Forensics class, or developing a real-time comedy - on stage - in Chadwick's Improv class. Experiential learning isn't just more fun for our students. It also enhances learning by increasing understanding and retention of course material all around.

Students create their own green screen video content.

Our teachers are happy, and they really enjoy teaching your child.

At Chadwick, our teachers don't have tenure - but they do have time. With small classes - and a small course load - they have room to focus on building an engaging curriculum, and the freedom to take risks where it counts. Indeed, our Middle and Upper School faculty teach just four courses per day, which allows them time to extend the classroom experience through 1:1 exchanges with students before and after class. They also have time to participate in co-curricular activities on campus, be it coaching Water Polo, advising the Yearbook, or participating in a community service trip abroad. Some 80 percent of faculty in our Upper School have advanced degrees in their field of study, and they're excited to share their passions with students.

We're fun, too.

Chadwick is more than a school. It's a community. When you enroll your child at Chadwick School, you become part of a family with a similar commitment to the positive growth and development of your child. And with more than 20 Middle and Upper School athletic teams, theater performances, the arts, affinity groups, community outreach efforts, and more -- there is always something for students and families to enjoy.

Since just 2006, the Chadwick Dolphin athletic teams have won 46 League Titles, 14 CIF Southern Section Titles, and 1 CIF State Title. They were also 5-time CIF Southern Section Runner-ups and 2-time CIF State Runner-ups.

We cherish our alumni, and they care about us, too.

Since our first graduating class in 1940, Chadwick has sent more than 3,500 alumni out into the world. No matter where they go, they continue to play an important role in the school community. That's because, for many, the friends and teachers they met at Chadwick are like an extended family, and the school itself is like a second home. They return to our classrooms as teachers, guest lecturers, and as friends. They support our programs, financially and through volunteerism. They're committed, as we are, to ensuring the continued success of the school for future generations.

Our campus is breathtaking.
Lots of schools have cool workspace. At Chadwick, our green, 45-acre campus is a living extension of the classroom. From our private canyon to our outdoor amphitheater, and from our spacious athletic fields to our expansive lawns and pathways, there is always a new spot for students to study, rest - or simply catch an awesome view of downtown Los Angeles. It's an inspiring location you really need to see to believe.

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Chadwick School is a private, K-12 co-educational school dedicated to developing global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge and the ability to lead. Located on a 45-acre hilltop on the scenic Palos Verdes Peninsula, we aim to bring out the best in our students through experiential learning, one-on-one mentoring, unparalleled global opportunities, an outstanding athletics program, highly accredited outdoor education experiences and an award-winning visual and performing arts program. We are pleased that more than 800 students from over 45 Southern California communities have chosen to call Chadwick "home."

Chadwick School / 26800 South Academy Drive, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA, 90274 / 310-377-1543
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