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Celebrating Senior Week!

It was a bittersweet time on campus as the Class of 2022 celebrated their final days at Chadwick.

Last week, the Class of 2022 gave their final Apex presentations to an audience of Middle and Upper School students, faculty and staff, and parents. The Apex project is a year-long endeavor representing the culmination of the Chadwick academic experience. Seniors identify a local, national or global issue they are interested in, research it and demonstrate their engaged citizenship by acting to contribute to its resolution in a creative manner. The full list of presentations and videos will be shared with the community via the divisional newsletters and via email. Congratulations to our seniors for all your hard work this year!

Seniors also spent a night on Commander Field, playing games, watching a movie and enjoying each other’s company under the stars. Greeted by their parents and faculty, students woke up to crepes and coffee and gathered for one of their final class photos. Later, at their last Upper School assembly, senior leaders read an original poem to memorialize their year at Chadwick and give thanks to faculty and staff. The Class of 2022 gathered for the Senior Lunch, a barbeque buffet from Lucille’s.

We hope that the last day of classes was a memorable one, and we are already looking forward to seeing you back on campus after your three-week Senior Trip!