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Chadwick Fall Reopening Plans: July 17

Our priorities are the physical, social and emotional health of Chadwick School's students, faculty and community.

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the guidelines for school reopenings during the pandemic, which have been adopted by Los Angeles County. A school may open when its county has been off the California Monitoring List for 14 consecutive days. Schools that don't meet this requirement must begin the year with distance learning. Because Chadwick is located in Los Angeles County, which currently appears on the California Monitoring List, we will likely open with distance learning. As our leadership team continues to monitor the situation, we will provide our families with regular updates and a final decision on Aug. 17, 14 days before the start of school on Aug. 31.

Chadwick leadership, faculty and staff will continue to work hard to ensure we can provide a safe, high-quality educational experience, whether we are on campus or learning from a distance. Stay well, Dolphins!