Global Education Programs

Chadwick's Middle and Upper School Global Education programs are thoughtfully designed to ignite curiosity, broaden perspectives and empower students to become compassionate, culturally aware, and proactive global citizens. A myriad of engaging and expansive opportunities include immersive international trips, short-and long-term student exchange and study abroad programs, and multicultural campus events. These experiences offer students life-changing enrichment and exposure to authentic global experiences.

Global Program Highlights

  • Student exchanges and collaborations with Chadwick International provide connection and cultural perspective.
  • Model United Nations programs in the Middle and Upper Schools compete internationally. Students recently participated in Model UN in Scotland. 

  • Host family stays allow for students to experience everyday life in countries such as Spain and South Korea

  • Participation in international conferences and athletic tournaments allow our students to work with and compete against students from around the world


  • Language Immersion programs allow students to practice Global Languages with native speakers.

  • Strong relationships with local organizations, such as CEIBATetiaroa Society and Green Climate Fund allow for meaningful and authentic engagement in communities

  • Embracing the outdoors around the world, allowing our students to demonstrate their Outdoor Education skills in new locations.

Recent Middle School Travel Programs

Recent Upper School Travel Programs



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