“I started playing tennis when I was 9 years old. I played every day for 8 hours a day over the summer. My dad coached me. I’ve played on the varsity team since ninth grade. Outside of school, I compete in regional, national and international tournaments.

(Casie is an All-American tennis player, currently ranked No. 2 in Southern California and No. 79 in the nation.)

I love tennis because it’s an individual sport, but you train with a team. You rely on other people. But you have to learn how to push through things yourself. You have to change your game to win the match.

Tennis and Chadwick combined have taught me grit. To not give up. To try new things until you succeed. If I fail at something, it’s a learning experience. Being on a team going into high school is one of the best things because you meet a bunch of new people and create really close relationships.

The teachers at Chadwick want me to succeed on and off the court. Whenever I come back from a tournament, they always ask me how I did and make sure I get done what I need to. It’s nice to know that they care about more than just my academics. I love that Chadwick is such a tight-knit community.”

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DanCasie's coach and father

On Casie

“Casie is the kind of kid who everyone likes. She’s always smiling. You see her walking around campus, and she’s just a normal kid. But once she’s on the court, she’s a competitor from the first ball to the last ball. She gives her all no matter what.

When she was 9, she started playing tennis. She would play for 8 to 10 hours a day. We couldn’t get her off the court. She played her first tournament that summer and immediately had success. That started it. By age 10, she was ranked in the top 5 in Southern California.

I grew up in the Palos Verdes public school system. I was adamant about Casie applying to Chadwick because of the size of the classrooms. I wanted to make sure that if she was struggling, she had the tools and support to figure it out. It’s been a perfect match for her. She’s a good student. And when she doesn’t understand something, she gets the help for it.

I’ve encouraged several families to consider Chadwick. There is a great financial aid program. It’s one of the reasons we can afford Chadwick. Since she’s been there for so long, I know most of the class. I’ve met their parents. At a big school, that just isn’t going to happen.”