Performing Artist




“When I came to Chadwick in sixth grade, I had no idea what I was going to do. Sports weren’t my strong suit, so I was going to focus on academics. Theater popped up on me.

In seventh grade, I tried out for the musical Xanadu. I was shocked when I ended up getting the lead role. (Since then) I played the lead in “Shrek” and featured roles in “Lord of the Flies,” “In the Heights,” “Peter Pan” and “Spring Awakening.”

In sixth grade, I was pretty quiet. Theater helped me open up. One aspect of performing is getting that connection with the whole cast, forming that bond together. That’s a major part of why I do theater. Another part is unexplainable. That feeling you get on stage. It’s a rush.

Before I came to Chadwick, I thought it was a fancy school and would be stuck up. That was my preconception. The community here is just really nice. It’s easy to come into Chadwick and make friends. And the teachers are awesome. They want you to succeed. It’s a challenge to succeed in the classes, but teachers are there every step of the way to make sure you do.

Chadwick has shaped who I am. It’s exposed me to new things. Chadwick has become my home, really. I can’t think of myself going anywhere else.”

On Ryan

“The first time I met Ryan was in my Middle School acting class. He had such amazing instincts as an actor. I recognized that he had something and wanted to foster that.

He’s one of those kids who represents the best of Chadwick. He’s a ball of amazing, positive energy. He’s open, giving, loving. One thing he’s gotten out of Performing Arts is the ability to be his full self — boisterous, energetic, positive, engaging, connected. He’s more of who he is because of this experience.

The goal of Middle School Performing Arts is to give students an opportunity to dabble. They can get a sense of ‘Is this for me?’ At the Middle School level, you see that spark of something. For Ryan, that spark became his lifeblood. Middle School gives you that space to see the spark.

Why should students participate in the performing arts? Each student has genius. It’s about finding and discovering what that genius is, whether they express that on the sports field, in dance class or on stage. Performing arts is a place where you understand how to be essential to a community and stretch beyond your comfort zone.”