Chadwick International
Songdo, South Korea

Global Connections. Rich Perspectives.
Unlimited Possibilities.

Margaret Chadwick envisioned an educational philosophy where young minds were exposed to broad cultural perspectives and encouraged to become ethical, global leaders.

It wasn’t enough to learn and grow for oneself; students must also contribute to the wider world. That vision was brought to life with the founding of Chadwick International in 2010.

Located in the futuristic city of Songdo, South Korea, within the Incheon Free Economic Zone, the school has since grown from its opening enrollment of 260 students in kindergarten through grade seven to its current population of 1,200 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Chadwick International graduated its first class of 68 seniors in May 2016. 

Both Chadwick campuses celebrate a spirit of community and connectedness where students learn about international affairs, multiculturalism and what it really means to be an empowered global citizen.

Chadwick’s students on both sides of the globe interact, grow and build life-changing connections

  • Some classes meet via Telepresence video-conferencing to discuss common coursework and engage in joint academic projects. 
  • Student exchanges between campuses provide immersive, memorable experiences. Chadwick Palos Verdes students can go on exchange to Chadwick International, and Chadwick School’s local families can host incoming students from the South Korean campus.
  • Students from both campuses represent Chadwick at conferences around the world. 
  • Joint planning between campuses has resulted in new courses developed for the Upper School curriculum and a number of lessons throughout the Village and Middle Schools. 

Hundreds of Chadwick students and teachers have traveled between the two campuses since Chadwick International was founded in 2010.

As students and faculty continue to connect and collaborate, new educational, experiential and cultural possibilities emerge.