Cultivating a Strong Mind & Character

Middle School is a time of transition when students begin to discover themselves and their potential to take on the world. Our staff and programs leverage their enthusiasm at every turn, introducing students to exciting new ideas, experiences and perspectives.

Since our earliest days, the three main facets of the Chadwick mission — academic excellence, the development of exemplary character and self-discovery through experience — have served as the foundation of the Middle School program.

These key tenets continue to help our Middle School students navigate these years of intellectual growth and emotional and physical change with grace. 

As they engage in hands-on integrative learning at the highest levels, your Chadwick Middle School child will cultivate our core values of honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion. 

Middle School

Middle School Teacher
It’s easy to say, ‘Spend 15 minutes with your laptop looking for this or that.’ But for the humanities, most of our classes look like small seminar classes because, ultimately, we still want 15 people sitting around a circle and discussing a text. This is how students develop perspective, listening skills, empathy and a sense of self.

Our Middle School students are learning life skills and critical thinking in ways that simply aren’t taught elsewhere.

Courses designed for independence

In addition to acquiring new academic skills, your Middle School child will develop curiosity, perseverance, open-mindedness, empathy and the ability to communicate with accuracy and precision. Check out Chadwick's Middle School curriculum.

Exceptional teaching starts with understanding students' needs.

Optimal class size and personalized mentorship fuel our continued success. Our teachers take the time to know each of their students, ensuring their unique needs are met. Students feel comfortable and confident contributing to classroom discussions.

Building character and community

Our emphasis on character creates a warm, vibrant community of students who care about each other. This carefully constructed environment fosters a love of being here and entices children to learn quickly and deeply.

A time of intellectual expansion

The examination of new ideas, exposure to new courses, discovery of new environments and evolution of new talents all help students to develop a strong sense of self and of one’s place in the greater community. These years are a time of excitement, exploration and unprecedented expansion.

Middle School Highlights


Challenging academics prepare students for advanced Upper School coursework


Middle School backpacking trips are part of Chadwick's acclaimed and accredited Outdoor Education program


Whole-student emphasis includes courses in visual arts, theater, dance, music, public speaking, debate, robotics and coding


Athletic teamwork and leadership opportunities prepare students for competitive sports in the Upper School

Explore the rich and diverse co-curricular activities Chadwick Middle School students get to experience.