Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

A Lifelong Commitment to Wellness

Surrounded by nature and supported by an attentive and compassionate community, Chadwick students learn the importance of health and wellness early on.

We encourage students to take a proactive, empowered approach to their well being. At every stage in their educational journey, they learn that wellness is a practice, not a destination — and that life’s challenges are an essential part of their growth. By giving our students the tools, resources and permission to prioritize their health each day, they establish a foundation for wellness that fuels long-term agility and resilience. 


We have a frontline view to check in with students and see how they’re really doing.

Structures for Health and Wellness

Chadwick's health and wellness programming is designed to help K-12 students manage major transitions at school and beyond. All wellness teachings are shared with a focus on character development and within the framework of Chadwick’s Core Values of compassion, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility. Since our students spend so much of their lives on campus, we seize every opportunity to ensure they are thriving at school and beyond. Optimal class sizes and caring teachers who know their students exceptionally well, help to create an atmosphere of inclusivity where students can be themselves, cultivate self-knowledge and feel safe to reach out with any challenges they face.

Chadwick Students Learn How To: 

  • Take responsible risks that push their comfort zone and build character
  • Make healthy choices for mind and body
  • Practice self-awareness and self-reflection
  • Cultivate a sense of balance and healthy stress-management
  • Navigate personal and social challenges with compassion
  • Value physical fitness, sleep and digital hygiene
  • Communicate needs and boundaries (and respect those of others)
  • Reach out for support when needed with self-advocacy

45 acres of expansive indoor and outdoor learning spaces help students connect to nature and manage stress.

Wellness As A Practice

Students engage in activities such as Life Skills in their grade 6 through 8 classes, Wick Skills in grade 9, a Wellness Retreat in grade 11, yoga classes on campus and daily check-ins with teachers in the Village School. These activities help students cultivate self-awareness, practice emotional regulation and build resilience.

Targeted Expertise

On-campus, full-time school counselors and learning specialists with expertise in youth and adolescent development support students' social-emotional and academic needs.

An Inclusive Community

Events like Chadwick's annual Social Justice Day and MultiCultural Food Festival, give students opportunities to experience and support our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as part of a healthy learning community. 

Support Network

Chadwick students are surrounded by a network of support including faculty, mentors, academic advisors, college counselors, Deans of Students, P.E. and athletics coaches — all of whom are deeply committed to helping them build confidence, self-reliance and an authentic sense of self. 

Experience. Credibility. Collaboration.

Chadwick's Wellness Team is uniquely positioned to assess and support students from many angles and throughout every stage of their educational journey.

Learning Specialists and School Counselors work in tandem with teachers, Division Directors, Deans, the school nurse and other Chadwick educators to ensure that each student is getting the support they need to succeed. 


Full-time Counselors

Our on-campus staff of three full-time school counselors specialize in youth and adolescent development and crisis intervention.


Full-time Learning Specialists

Our on-campus learning specialists work with students using a strength- based model to ensure academic success.

School Counselors

Learning Specialists

With wellness as part of an intentional design, students always have someone to turn to when they need support. 

Foundations for Wellness at Every Stage


Wellness is addressed uniquely in each division. Our goal is to create a continuum of care for students that begins in Kindergarten. 

Wellness in the Village School

In the Village School, teachers intentionally create warm, inclusive class communities and help students to build positive skills and behaviors like self-knowledge and character.


Wellness in the Sixth Grade

Sixth-graders begin Chadwick’s Life Skills sequence, which strengthens social-emotional, executive functioning and relational skills that they will leverage throughout their time at Chadwick and beyond.


Wellness in the Middle School

Chadwick’s Middle School Life Skills sequence helps students become more knowledgeable and skilled at navigating different environments, engaging in meaningful conversations and activities, overcoming challenging situations and sustaining positive relationships.


Wellness in the Upper School

Upper School students strengthen skills and behaviors that prepare them to thrive as individual learners, community leaders and growth-minded global citizens.


Health & Wellness Contacts

To anonymously report wellness issues or concerns, click the icon below: