Mission Statement

Chadwick Schools develop global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character,
self-knowledge and the ability to lead. 

Philosophy Statement

Chadwick Schools are deeply committed to self-discovery through experience and reflection. Students develop the joy of learning, self-confidence, well-being and curiosity through interactive and practical experiences. Our schools share the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness and compassion.

Through active participation in an intentionally diverse and inclusive environment, students make a positive impact within and beyond their own communities. By living and learning in a student-centered, collaborative atmosphere of excellence, integrity and trust, we come to expect the best of ourselves and others.

at our core





Critical & Creative Thinking
Cultural Competence






A strong feeling of belonging to each other and of belonging to the whole family of man develops and once a child has grasped the concept of ‘we’ as meaning ‘old and young, rich and poor, of every color and all nations,’ he has found himself at home in the World.

Diversity Statement

Chadwick School has a clear imperative to honor its core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion and fairness by providing an atmosphere that embraces diversity and models inclusiveness. We do this in a way that acknowledges race, gender, economic background, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, family structure, national origin and religious belief, both in lived experience and curricular material.


Chadwick is committed to:

  • Intentionally seeking Margaret Chadwick’s “dipperful of humanity” by enrolling a student body that represents a broad range of cultural, ethnic, racial, religious and economic backgrounds, and hiring a diverse faculty and administration that provides positive role models across identities.
  • Appointing a Board of Trustees from a broad range of cultural, ethnic, racial, religious and economic backgrounds to ensure multiple perspectives.
  • Training faculty to recognize and understand the variety of needs among the student body and helping them to create inclusive environments that maximize the positive possibilities that come with having a truly diverse student population.
  • Providing effective orientation, support and retention of students, faculty, administrators, staff, parents and trustees, by recognizing the variety of needs amongst our community members.
  • Providing a wide range of possibilities for students to experience the world, including those that arise from having campuses on two continents.

Our mission