Chadwick's Next Strategic Plan: An Overview 

In April 2022, Chadwick launched a comprehensive strategic planning process, which will culminate with the development of the school’s next strategic plan. The Roessler-Chadwick Foundation (RCF) Board of Trustees is leading our efforts, undertaking an inclusive process that involves voices from across our community and includes an extended period of reflection and learning. Through our work, we will identify our most important strategic priorities and initiatives, which will guide the school. The Strategic Plan will be shared with the Chadwick community in Spring 2023.

Strategic Planning Timeline

First page of the PDF file: strategicplanning

Strategic Planning Committee

The RCF Board of Trustees consulted with Chadwick community leaders to identify 22 individuals to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee. These individuals represent trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and students who will work together under the guidance of the RCF Board to lead our strategic planning process. They bring a variety of skills, backgrounds and perspectives to our work, which they undertake on behalf of, and through the inclusion of, the entire Chadwick community.

Row 1: Jennifer Chou '96, Cedric Penix, Craig Polin, Deborah Levy, Paul Chen, Elizabeth Imende-Cooney, Josh Goodman '24, Trent Jackson
Row 2: Tom Sheppard, Denise Mester, Luis Morales, Rachel Nguyen, Esmeralda Cook, Robert Horne, Amanda Hartigan, Ben Davidson '95
Row 3: Dr. Dijanna Figueroa, Erin Nordlund, Michelle Tabor, Eden Warner, Caroline Payne, Rachael DeRogatis '08, Laurie Eddleston

Consulting Partner

Chadwick has partnered with Ian Symmonds and Associates in the development of our next strategic plan. 

Ian Symmonds and Associates is an industry-leading, global consulting firm. With 1,000 clients over 20 years and an impeccable record of thought leadership through writing, speaking and consulting, Ian Symmonds & Associates is the trusted voice in education and nonprofit strategy.

Updates to Our Community

Stay informed about the status of our Strategic Planning Process by accessing our communications with the community below.

Strategic Planning