Chadwick's Sustainability Program

From our inception, our founder Margaret Chadwick has guided us to habituate students to a life of service and leadership through real-world experiences and intentional engagement with the global community. Sustainability sits at the heart of our Mission and our Core Values, and we believe that it is one of the most important ways that we can demonstrate respect and responsibility for current and future generations of Chadwick students as well as our local and global neighbors.

Over the past decades, our community has taken important actions such as installing photovoltaic solar arrays on campus, restoring the Chadwick Canyon and reducing waste through composting and recycling. These are just the first steps in Chadwick's comprehensive campus-wide and Mission-driven sustainability program.

Sustainability Mission Statement

At Chadwick School, we recognize the fragility of our planet and the impact of human actions on natural ecosystems. We acknowledge our responsibility to build and maintain a culture of environmental sustainability, to lead by example, and to take meaningful actions to create positive change on our campus and in the larger community. Sustainability is woven through our academic curriculum, extracurricular activities, and all campus programs, and we help students to identify real-world problems and enact solutions through hands-on experiences. Ultimately, we habituate our community to sustainable lifestyles and guide our students to become global citizens and inspirational leaders.

Sustainability In Action

Chadwick School's sustainability efforts focus on 11 key areas of operations:


In sustainability, each action makes a meaningful difference, and every leader is an inspiration. If we all work together, we magnify our efforts to ensure a healthier world for ourselves and the natural environment.

Student Sustainability Council

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Solar Panels — Generating Our Own Power

To help neutralize our carbon footprint, Chadwick School has installed more than 550 solar panels on the Leavenworth Library, the Pascoe Pavilion gym and the Geoffrey Alan Laverty Center for the Performing Arts. These panels generate their own energy and are contributing to our goal to create a more efficient and environmentally responsible campus. 

Chadwick Canyon — Our Outdoor Classroom

Chadwick students take great pride in maintaining and supporting the natural life surrounding our campus.
Students in grades K-12 participate in classes in the Chadwick Canyon and in restoration projects, as well. 

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