Being a Chadwick parent or the guardian of a Chadwick student, you’re automatically a member of the Chadwick Parents Association (CPA). The CPA promotes and supports the general welfare of Chadwick School, organizes volunteers to assist faculty and administration, builds and strengthens community, and raises funds to help enhance the Chadwick experience. With countless opportunities each school year, it’s never been easier to support our students, connect with fellow parents and positively impact our community. Contact to learn more.

Make a Difference

Our impact

The CPA actively supports our K-12 Global Opportunities, STEM and Visual Arts programs by mobilizing host families for exchange students, drivers for math or science competitions, and volunteers for robotics, Makerspace, various art shows and much more. We also put on a spectacular Global Feast each Fall, as well as our largest fundraiser and gala of the year, Spring Event. 

Volunteering Opportunities

Connect with fellow Chadwick parents for fun and impactful community events like the Fall Brunch, Global Feast, Trivia Night, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch (FASAL) and the Spring General Meeting. The CPA Family Outreach program allows the Chadwick community to rally to the aid of fellow families in difficult times. 

Chairperson for Various Events
CPA Board Member
Parent Representative (Middle and Upper School)
Room Parent (Village)
Scrip (9-12)

Faculty and Staff
Appreciation Lunch (K-12)
Halloween (Village)
Hosting Exchange
Students (K-12)
CPA Spring Fundraising Event (K-12)
Winter Holiday Festivities (Village)

Art at Your Fingertips "AAYF" (Village)
Back-to-School Night (Village)
Fun Day (Village)
Global Feast (K-12)
Pizza Days (Village)


The CPA plays a key role in raising the funds that enhance our children’s educational experience each day. Successful initiatives have supported the Pascoe Pavilion locker room remodel, the Village School Fabulous Fun Day, the electronic marquee that greets all at the front entrance, the robotics program and other campus priorities. 

Scrip Program

The CPA SCRIP program raises money for Chadwick, at no extra cost to you, and uses these funds to pay for some of our kids' favorite activities, e.g. Art at Your Fingertips and the Halloween Parade and Party, as well as important community events like the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch. There are several easy ways for you to support these and many other events and programs, at no cost to you:

Explore additional volunteer opportunities.

CPA Board Executive Committee: (L to R) Sandy Thomas, Stephanie Siddons, Nancy Hodgkiss, Lori Doty, Laurie Eddleston, Jay Lee

CPA Board Village Chairs and Elects: (L to R) Priya Desai, Liz Satterthwaite, Annamarina Romine, Eden Warner

CPA Board Middle and Upper Chairs: (L to R) Tonya Esparza, Miryan Good, Lisa Nagahori, Elisa Amaral

CPA Board Ways and Means and Scrip Teams: (L to R) Sherry Hsu, Esmeralda Cook, Jenny Saket, Lori Penix, Kristen Van Cott, Ellie Handler, Nikki Lennertz (Not pictured: Tom Mooney)

CPA Board Programs and Support: (L to R) Anne Severns, Denise Mester, Bryn Zbyszewski, Sharla Wilson, Ilonka Maxson, Bettina Kessaris (Not pictured: Corina McGovern)

Chadwick Parents Association