Middle School Teacher
To see them when they come into my theater class in seventh grade, not sure where their journey as people and performers is going to take them, and then to see them flourish and blossom as they go forward into the Upper School — that’s a really rewarding aspect of this place.

Beyond the Classroom

Expansion. Expression. Self-discovery.

Opportunities abound outside the classroom as Middle School students approach this meaningful time in their growth and development. New activities call them to explore untapped passions, talents and interests. What they discover in the process is themselves. 

Competition Meets Character.

The Middle School athletic program introduces students to some of the sports offered in the Upper School through a sequential progression of skills and strategies. With a focus on fun, competitive play is balanced with character-driven skills like leadership, team building and good sportsmanship. 

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Experiental Learning Unleashed

The California wilderness provides the perfect backdrop for Chadwick’s seventh- and eighth-graders to test their physical and mental endurance in the great outdoors. Students learn to both stand on their own and lean on each other while gaining a whole new world of skills and an unprecedented appreciation for their natural surroundings.

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Giving Back and Gaining Perspective

Our renowned community service program gives Middle School students opportunities to serve at numerous off-campus sites during the school day. By exposing them to community service experiences, they not only become more insightful and empathetic about the world around them, they begin to see their own potential to impact it. 

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Making Connections. Shifting Perspective.

Developing globally competent citizens means exposing students to foreign concepts, cultures and programs that broaden their perspectives and prime them to thrive and lead in an increasingly interconnected world. 

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Finding Ways To Express Themselves.

Through our award-winning performing and visual arts classes, clubs and activities, such as ceramics, media arts, acting, the Fall Play and Spring Musical, public speaking and debate, and Garage Band, Middle School students explore different mediums and learn to channel their creativity with confidence.  

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