Excelling Through Talent, Teamwork and Grit

The success of Chadwick’s Athletics Program stems from student-athletes who live and breathe our Core Values. From practice to game day, our athletes are coached to compete with character. They learn to both lead and support teammates, to respect their opponents and to persevere through challenges on and off the field. 

They consistently and courageously push past their comfort zone, learning to take risks and build resilience, regardless of the outcome. They also discover that a commitment to being our best is never about being perfect. 


A Proven Track Record


We have a long and proud history of growing successful teams that compete at high levels. Since 1975, Chadwick athletes have won 149 Prep League championships and 26 CIF Southern Section titles. Our girls cross-country team has won three state championships.

Chadwick alumni have gone on to play sports for universities like USC, Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia and the U.S. Naval Academy, as well as top-rated NCAA Division III colleges, such as Williams, Amherst and Hamilton.

Among our alumni are professional tennis player Lindsay Davenport and World Cup champion soccer player Christen Press.

In addition to our sports teams, daily athletics and/or P.E. instruction are available for all grades, with instruction in swimming, rock climbing, dance and sports included in the Village School.

The Middle School athletic program introduces students to the world of sports in an environment that encourages them to engage in friendly competition, contribute positively to team dynamics and stretch beyond their comfort zone. Team practices take place during their regular P.E. time, and games are scheduled once or twice a week, with six to 10 games per season.

As they get a sense of some of the sports available in the Upper School, students discover the character-building nuances of competition and master a progression of new skills and strategies that provide the foundation for competing at a higher level. They also have lots of fun!

In any given year, almost 90 percent of our Upper School students play on at least one interscholastic team in the CIF Prep League. They also learn the importance of physical fitness and well-being. Options for credit also include P.E., dance, Fitness for Life courses or external clubs. 

Chadwick Pride — Beyond Competition

There’s a sense of pride that comes with wearing a Chadwick uniform. Our program exposes student-athletes to much more than competition, giving them endless opportunities to develop their character both on and off the field. 

The Chadwick Athletic Council is the student leadership organization for student-athletes. This dynamic group is comprised of 28 Upper School students representing every team, each of whom shares the same passionate commitment to promoting Chadwick athletics, furthering our “One Team” philosophy and serving the greater Los Angeles area through sport. The members help organize athletic-related events and community service opportunities, promote attendance at games and collaborate with the athletic council at our sister school in South Korea.

As part of our commitment to community service, each team is encouraged to "Give a Day Back" — students volunteer in the community by holding skills clinics for younger students at South Bay-area schools and Boys and Girls clubs, teaching swimming, working with foster children and doing beach cleanups. Being of service gives student-athletes priceless opportunities to stretch beyond their comfort zones and know themselves as powerful people who can make a difference.

Our Fitness for Life (FFL) program focuses on teaching our Middle and Upper School students habits and skills that promote lifelong physical fitness and mental well-being, including stress relief and self-care, strength-building, customizing workouts and boosting overall health. Beyond weekly weight training sessions, students are exposed to a range of training modalities that emphasize the mind-body connection with disciplines like yoga, self-defense and weight lifting. Fitness for Life teaches students to break through physical and personal barriers in fun and fresh ways — and in a positive and inspired environment.

Chadwick's coaches are passionate about their sport and dedicated to teaching our student-athletes the skills and lessons that will help them be their best both on and off the field.

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