In making a difference for others, we discover our true selves.   

Community Service

Chadwick’s community service program starts with the belief that character is as important as academic excellence. Our enriching community service program engages students in diverse, inspiring experiences that shape their view of the world and empower them to make a difference.

While it’s not mandatory, most Chadwick students choose to be active community service participants because it begets priceless rewards like gratitude, perspective and generosity of spirit. Through community service, our students experience a sense of their personal capability and responsibility for improving the lives of others. They begin to know themselves as empowered change-makers capable of anything. Once that candle of contribution is lit, it’s rarely extinguished.

Local and international volunteer projects involve grades K-12 and range from serving the homeless in local soup kitchens, teaching reading to at-risk youth and supporting families in orphanages in underdeveloped regions of the globe. 

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of Upper School students participated weekly in community service in 2022-23



Service Opportunities

Chadwick offers students a range of opportunities to perform acts of service in different facets of the greater community. These experiences shape their view of what's possible through education, empathy and action. 

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