Chadwick's Community Service Advisory Board (CSAB) is a group of dedicated students (grades 10-12) who are fully committed to bettering themselves and the community through service. CSAB plans and executes on- and off-campus service trips, activities and fundraisers that promote the wellbeing of the homeless, veterans, the disabled, foster children, the environment and more.

There is also a Junior CSAB composed of eight Middle-School students who work to bring service to the Middle School. The board is run under the leadership of Chadwick's Director of Community Service, Becky Noble, who has been working at Chadwick School as the Director of Community Service for 19 years.

Scroll below to meet the CSAB team, explore becoming a member and apply!

Become a CSAB Member

CSAB seeks students who have demonstrated previous commitment to Chadwick Community Service and who have shown the potential for leadership. CSAB members are outgoing, comfortable sharing their opinions and enjoy collaborating with fellow members (and other campus groups) for the betterment of the Chadwick community.

Being a CSAB member requires active leadership and commitment. Applicants are expected to go beyond the minimum membership requirements and to contribute suggestions for program improvement and efficacy. Click below to see if you have what it takes!

Apply to CSAB!

Applying to CSAB is simple:

  1. Fill out the CSAB Member Application (available in Spring)
  2. Interview
  3. Receive Decision

For more information, please contact CSAB co-chairs:

Ellen Carter: ecarter2022@chadwickschool.org
Liam Taylor: ltaylor2023@chadwickschool.org

CSAB Student Members

Click on the bios below to learn more about our members and their meaningful service experiences.

Upper School

Junior CSAB (Middle School)

Community Service Advisory Board