Village School Community Service

The spirit of community service is ingrained in Village School life, where impressionable young minds learn the importance of giving back. Village students make donations during the holidays, hold candy drives and letter-writing campaigns for families in the armed services, adopt endangered animals and habitats for Earth Day, create book drives to promote literacy and sponsor a bake sale to raise money for Heart of the Village, where they work in family groups to complete these and other service-based projects.

Heart of the Village

Heart of the Village is a collaborative Service Learning program inspired by a partnership between sixth grade leaders, parent volunteers, and our family groups. Heart of the Village hosts four events throughout the year, highlighting unique topics that enable our students to learn about other communities and what we can do to support them. Such projects nurture meaningful student leadership and our core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion. Wherever possible, these student-led projects are aligned with the curriculum. Service projects can change from year to year but always focus on empowering students to do their part in making our community and the world a better place.

Community Service