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Global Education

Chadwick's commitment to fostering cultural competence is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our school. At the heart of our Global Education Program is the belief that global citizenship is essential in preparing our students to successfully engage in an ever-changing and increasingly interconnected world. 

From an early age, students meaningfully explore a mix of international cultures, concepts and perspectives both within the classroom and beyond. Exposure to diverse resources and experiences fosters empathy, cultural competency and lifelong critical thinking skills. 

By understanding themselves, their own culture and that of others, as well as the complexities of global issues, students can become compassionate leaders who cultivate a more humane, just and peaceful global society.

We are committed to developing not just global tourists, but global citizens who can effectively engage with the world with respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion.


At A Glance

Chadwick’s Global Programs provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes as emerging leaders and engaged global citizens through travel, both within the United States and abroad. These opportunities stem from the following primary sources:

Chadwick International is our sister campus in Songdo, South Korea. Both students and faculty have multiple opportunities to engage with peers throughout their career, and to go on exchanges based on athletic, academic and cultural expansion. Each year, both campuses facilitate exchanges where teachers lead programs, teach classes and meet the students in their home environments. Previous collaborations with Chadwick International have centered around sustainability, media arts and DEI .

Exchange Programs play a significant role in enriching the cultural diversity on campus. Hosting students from various countries through programs like ASSIST, gives our community firsthand insights into different cultures and traditions. Our campus has hosted students from Germany, Spain, Turkey, Cambodia, Australia, Sweden, China and South Korea, providing memorable experiences for both students and host families.

Term-Away Programs offer students a chance to engage in experiential learning by pursuing their education for a semester or year away from campus. Programs utilize each location's unique culture and environment for truly immersive, “real-world” learning. Partnerships with nine different programs include Chadwick International, School Year Abroad, School for Ethics and Global Leadership, The Island School, Swiss Semester, High Mountain Institute and others.

Global Programs offer international travel programs organized and led by Chadwick faculty and staff. Each is thoughtfully designed toward academic disciplines that include the sciences, humanities and performing arts. For example, students recently studied marine biology in the Galapagos.

On-campus Events give Chadwick students opportunities to engage here in our community. Student leaders help coordinate multicultural events, host exchange students and publish a newsletter to raise awareness of global issues.

Ultimately, all of these opportunities encourage students to develop a sense of self and place, an empathic orientation and civic responsibility for communities near and far.

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Explore our Middle School and Upper School Global Education programs.