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Alana Ikemoto

I have always loved outdoor education because it’s a break from the classroom.

I love the camaraderie we share, as we face challenges and victories together as an intimate group. Those victories could be as small as finding the right rock to scramble up or that huge, breathtaking moment when we reach the summit, towering over the trees, rocks and paths we’ve taken together. The bonds formed are unique and special because they’re not likely to happen at school in our busy lives.

One of the best moments during each trip is the time we spend reflecting on the trip, alone with our thoughts, no distractions. At first, four hours seems like forever, minutes passing by like hours. Today, technology constantly surrounds us, but the solo forces us to be completely immersed in nature and the beauty that surrounds us.

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Wade Burleson

Outdoor education trips are a really good place to find yourself — to figure out who you are and what you want to be.

Being there with your classmates is a unique bonding experience you can’t get in the classroom. My freshman year it really helped me meet new people. I’m still close friends with the people in that group.

It also teaches you how to be alone and survive by yourself. You’re in the middle of the wilderness with no technology. Taking a few weeks off and going into the wilderness is not something you can do in normal life. It’s incredible that Chadwick provides that.

I survived a week in the wilderness. I can do anything.

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By the Numbers

620 Students

Education trips

Total number of Middle and Upper School students embarking on Outdoor Education trips each academic year

144 Hours

solitude per student

No. of hours (equal to 6 days) spent in monitored solitude per student while on Middle & U.S. Outdoor Education trips

80 Miles

hiked by students

No. of miles hiked by students in the Southern Sierra wilderness on their 21-day Senior Trip

9,706 Students

since 2000

No. of students who have gone on Middle and Upper School Outdoor Education trips since 2000