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Sharon Song

Outdoor ed is a great experience that truly gives me a new perspective.

Traveling to a different place, seeing different things and disconnecting from online technology is the refresher that we all need. When it’s just me and my group in the vast nature, I become more grateful for everything — for the thrilling experience of the wilderness and for the comfort of home. I have so many special memories from my outdoor ed trips. I have gotten to know everyone in my group better while hiking, cooking and more, which helps our grade feel more connected to one another. The views I have seen are also incredible; there are gorgeous sunsets, meadows and amazing wildlife. I love how outdoor ed provides us a break from our usual routine, allowing us time and space to open up our mind.

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620 Students

Education trips

Total number of Middle and Upper School students embarking on Outdoor Education trips each academic year

144 Hours

reflection per student

No. of hours (equal to 6 days) spent in monitored personal reflection while on Middle & U.S. Outdoor Education trips

80 Miles

hiked by students

No. of miles hiked by students in the Southern Sierra wilderness on their 21-day Senior Trip

11,267 Students

since 2000

No. of students who have gone on Middle and Upper School Outdoor Education trips since 2000