The Chadwick Dance program aims to cultivate strong, thoughtful and articulate dancers in an inclusive environment. Our curriculum encourages students to go beyond movement to examine the meaning of dance both personally and culturally.

Each student's artistic journey is rooted in self discovery, risk-taking, collaboration, creativity and the pursuit of excellence. Students have the opportunity to investigate different artistic perspectives from peers and master teaching artists. We focus on developing each student's technical proficiency through the study of dance techniques, alignment, partnering, improvisation, history and anatomical awareness. We support our students at every skill level so that they may find the confidence to express themselves authentically.




Curriculum Overviews:

In Village Dance, grades K-5 take four weeks of dance each year. We explore movement principles like rotation, balance, rhythm, extension, flexion, partner work and jumps. We research these movement principles and how they are embodied in different dances throughout the world. We introduce the basics of human anatomy to further the student's kinesthetic awareness. In each grade, students create a dance and learn how to write their dances through Language of Dance, a movement notation system.

In sixth grade, Dance is offered for two trimesters. The first trimester is for students who are at the beginning level and the second trimester is open to intermediate and advanced dancers. Students broaden their understanding of Contemporary Dance technique and have the opportunity to perform at Village assemblies.  


Upper School students have the opportunity to explore Dance in two different ways: Dance Company and Dance P.E.

Dance Company
Students who are passionate about studying and performing Dance can join Dance Company. Students enrolled in this course strengthen their technical proficiency and deepen their artistic expression through studio class and after-school rehearsals. In the fall, students perform in a concert choreographed by the Dance Director and professional dance artists from New York and Los Angeles. In the spring, students perform in a variety-style concert choreographed by their peers and the Dance Director. Dance Company is offered during the Fall and Spring trimesters.

Dance P.E.
Students who enjoy dancing, but are not interested in performing can take Dance P.E., which is offered each trimester.  

Middle School Dance is offered each trimester. The curriculum is focused around studying a variety of Dance techniques, observing  master dance works, examining the roles of Dance in society and anatomical awareness. Students also have the opportunity to explore their own artistic point of view through choreographic projects. Each trimester culminates with a performance in the dance studio. Dance in MS counts as a P.E. credit and meets four days a week during seventh period.


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