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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

The Vocal Music Program at Chadwick quite literally awakens students to the power and uniqueness of their inner voice.

From the fundamentals of music to performing alongside their peers in front of large audiences, vocal students learn to be both technically refined and artistically self-expressed at the highest levels. Opportunities to develop one’s vocal prowess progresses with each passing year. 

Behind the Scenes of JOY

Curriculum Overview

Village School

In the Village School, young students develop music appreciation through vocal study and performance. Each year, they build upon their understanding of pitch, rhythm and musical literacy, composition and expression, with opportunities to sing during concerts. 

Middle School


Middle School Chorus is a great space for students to develop their vocal abilities or step out of their comfort zones. Chorus paves the way for a cooperative learning experience that develops musical awareness, self-discipline and commitment to collaboration. Our Middle School Chorus has achieved many superior and gold ratings from SCVA and Anaheim Heritage festivals. 

Students sing from the standard repertoire of classical, standard and pop music while practicing proper vocal technique, placement and diaphragmatic breathing. Solfege and choral techniques of balance, blend, intonation, expression and diction are also taught. Students develop performance techniques such as poise, projection and communication, as well as stylistic considerations of tempo, rhythm, tone color and dynamics.

In Middle School GarageBand, students are encouraged to be imaginative as they learn basic musicianship. Using advances tools like the Vocal Music Mac Lab and GarageBand software allows them to explore various compositional techniques. Projects provide the opportunity to develop their own creative ideas and to connect with the musical world.  

Upper School

Upper School Advanced Music Composition allows our students to create music while developing critical thinking and collaborative skills. In our Mac classroom stations, students learn how to write and arrange music using music technology. Students work on pieces for the Upper School Art Show, with our dance program, and write their very own film music trailer. 

The Upper School Chorus welcomes all students who feel comfortable singing in a large group. The repertoire includes songs of all styles and from all periods. In addition to performing at the winter and spring concerts on campus and in the community, the Upper School Chorus also participates in choral festivals and competitions. At the 2018 Anaheim Heritage Festival, Chadwick's Upper School Chorus received the grand prize and the Adjudicator's Award as a Top Performing Ensemble.

Chadwick Chorus students can also participate in Ovations — our community service ensemble that sings at care centers across the South Bay to brighten the lives of local residents. 

Concert Choir is an audition-based ensemble with a focus on choral repertoire, sight-singing and vocal training that culminates with a performance at The Wayfarers Chapel at the end of the year.

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