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Annie Webster Visual Arts Department Chair and Ceramics Teacher
I’m passionate about what I do and about sharing it. Seeing even one person’s light go on brings me joy. And that hands-on experience with my students — not telling them what to do, but working together side-by-side in this beautiful environment — is always amazing. I love seeing them develop as artists and as people. To see some of my former students succeed in the art world is crazy wonderful.

The Visual Arts Program at Chadwick gives students a chance to explore, express and create in a safe and supportive environment. With offerings that include ceramics, drawing and painting, film and photography, and graphic design, students indulge their inner artist and gain a deep understanding for how art impacts both individual perspectives and the wider world. 

Our teachers aren’t just experts, they’re passionate and professional working artists who encourage creativity, self-expression and skilled craftsmanship. Students also have the opportunity to learn from professional artists and returning alumni.

Students, both new and advanced, are guided with technical instruction as they practice and persevere through the artistic process. Creative risk-taking produces vibrant work — and the confidence to push past perceived boundaries.

Explore the incredible art work inside Chadwick's 2020 Senior Art Catalog.


Virtual Arts Show

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Virtual Arts Show — Feb. 2021

Chadwick ceramics students have won Gold Key awards in the national Scholastic Arts and Writing competition.

Chadwick's graduation requirements in the performing arts combined are one and a half years during grades 9 - 12. Sample courses for Visual Arts include the following:

Curriculum Overview

Starting in kindergarten, Chadwick Village School students begin experimenting with, studying and questioning the world of visual arts. Using a variety of media, including clay, paint, watercolor, pencil and more, students develop technical and artistic skills that help them connect meaningfully to their creations. 

As they grow in artistic ability and gain independence, students maintain a sketchbook of their work. Classroom critiques and self-assessments are used to reinforce technique and learning goals. In addition to expressing their own creativity, Chadwick artists learn about artistic masters through in-class lessons and field trips to local museums and landmarks.

In sixth grade, options expand significantly with the “Creative Explorations” program. Students get to choose one class to focus on per quarter, with options that include Mixed Media/Graphic Design, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Korean Art and Culture, and Coding.

Middle School


Middle School students expand their artistic horizons as they experiment in the art studio, the dark room and out in the world. Students are encouraged to think creatively as they build upon foundational skills in the areas of drawing, painting, film and photography, ceramics, media and design. An inquiry-based format provides lively interaction, and emphasis is placed on craftsmanship and self-reflection as students move through various projects. 

Students work with clay, glazes and firing to achieve a wide variety of sculptural results in ceramics. Media Arts students examine photography and filmmaking through various self-guided and group projects. They begin working in the darkroom with one of the earliest forms of photography before moving on to video projects have them writing scripts, shooting and editing. Mixed Media and Graphic Design students create two and three-dimensional projects using a variety of mediums and techniques, including paper, metal, textiles, wood, and found objects. In the process of creating their works, they gain an appreciation for studio spaces, their materials and their own artistic abilities. 

Upper School

The Upper School provides fertile ground for serious visual arts students to refine and elevate their commitment to craftsmanship with courses in Studio Art (drawing, painting, graphic design and other 2-D media), Ceramics (as well as other 3-D materials), and Media Arts (including film and video, computer graphics, and traditional photography). Advanced Placement Studio Art is available for drawing, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional design. 

With each year, Upper School students are challenged to build more independent projects and portfolios. Working with various mediums in each course offering, students develop technical proficiency while learning to think creatively and work both independently and collaboratively. They examine current and historical influences and their impacts on culture and society. They also learn to thoughtfully critique their work and that of their peers with the goal of taking risks and being intentional in their expression. Some course activities include field trips to local museums and galleries. Advanced courses includes research, observational writings and sketchbook work in addition to studio time.



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