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College Counseling

Our goal is not only to find the right collegiate home for our graduates, but to make college exploration another powerful learning experience. Through this process, students identify and discern critical opportunities, engage in deep self-discovery and cultivate representation skills necessary for career and life advancement. 



Parents engage with counselors in group programs as well as individual and family meetings. When equipped with a well-articulated sense of self, students are prepared to find colleges that are good matches. Our student-centered approach stems from observing that students are most fulfilled by their college choice when they are empowered to own the process and ultimately, their decision.

Central to success is open, clear and consistent communication among students, parents and college counselors. While outcomes are important, it is the process of self-discovery coupled with the application of Chadwick's Core Competencies that drives our program — and helps students actualize their optimal college choice.     

In every aspect, the College Counseling Program aligns with Chadwick’s Mission for students to Think. Do. Lead.

In partnership with parents, college counselors work with students to naturally lean into our Mission, committing to the development of academic excellence and to students becoming self-confident individuals of exemplary character. College counselors encourage students to use their critical, creative thinking and problem-solving skills to explore what is possible, and what is intellectually, socially and personally valuable to them in this process. In considering and presenting themselves to colleges, we move them to understand their own adaptability, initiative and risk-taking skills. 


  • Meetings with college counselors begin as early as ninth grade.

  • One-on-one advising begins in 11th grade.

  • Our expert advisors have experience as both college counselors and as senior-level admission officers at selective colleges. 

  • We’re proud that 100 percent of our graduates plan to attend a four-year college.



100 percent
of Chadwick graduates
PLAN TO attend 4-year colleges 

With dedicated college counseling support, students and their parents get the personal attention they need to be clear, confident and empowered throughout the entire college admission process. Students and parents are encouraged to contact the college counseling office anytime with questions: 310-377-1543 x4075.

Success cannot be measured narrowly by the number of students who gain admission to a particular list of colleges. The ultimate measure of success is the appropriateness of each placement
and the quality of the work our students accomplish
in college and beyond.

College Counseling Resources

Connect with Chadwick's College Counseling Team

College Counseling Office: 
(310) 377-1543, ext. 4075

Sara Miranda 
Executive Director of College Counseling
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Marian Hersh
Director of College Counseling
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Libby Browne
Associate Director of College Counseling
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Aaron Levine
Associate Director of College Counseling
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