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College Counseling

With experienced counselors and an array of resources at our fingertips, Chadwick’s College Counseling Office helps students thoughtfully assess and select colleges that match their interests, learning styles, philosophy and demonstrated abilities.

So it’s much more than getting into a great school — it’s about choosing the one that’s just right for you.



Student/College Counselor Ratio

100 percent of Chadwick graduates attend
4-year colleges. 



  • Meetings with college counselors begin as early as ninth grade.

  • One-on-one advisement begins in 11th grade.

  • Our expert advisors have experience as both college counselors and as senior-level admission officers at selective colleges. 

  • We’re proud of our track record of placing 100 percent of graduates in four-year colleges.



A 24:1 college counselor-to-student ratio means students and their parents get the personal support and attention they need to be clear, confident and empowered throughout the entire college admission process. 

Students and parents are encouraged to contact the college counseling office anytime with questions: 310-377-1543 x4075.

Success cannot be measured narrowly by the number of students who gain admission to a particular list of colleges. The ultimate measure of success is the appropriateness of each placement
and the quality of the work our students accomplish
in college and beyond.


College Counseling Office: 
(310) 377-1543, ext. 4075

Bruce J. Poch
Executive Director of College Counseling 
(310) 377-1543, ext. 4058

Alicia Valencia Akers
Director of College Counseling
(310) 377-1543, ext. 4067

Marian Hersh
Director of College Counseling
(310) 377-1543, ext. 4028

Zac Hewitt
Associate Director of College Counseling
(310) 377-1543 x4136