Village School children are active learners who engage in an array of first-hand experiences each day.

They don't just read about science, they practice it. They don't just answer math problems, they explain their logic and reasoning. As a result, self-confidence is earned and learning is a joy — not a chore. 

Chadwick focuses on educating the whole child. Beginning in kindergarten, we focus on developing broad foundational skills in both academic and personal development. 

In addition to traditional skills like reading, writing, mathematics, language arts, science, global languages, social studies and physical education, holistic learning at Chadwick includes outdoor education, global citizenship, community service, athletics and the arts. iPad lessons empower students to use technology to explore their questions and discover new worlds. 

Village School Academics

Here at Chadwick, students have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with their peers at Chadwick International in South Korea. They create projects together, exchange letters and reflect on course material via video teleconference.

STEM in the Village

STEM starts in kindergarten with students learning hands-on science, math, coding basics, keyboarding and robotics. This foundational knowledge solidifies as their mathematical, scientific and logical thinking progresses. STEM students in the Village are encouraged to think creatively and cross-curricularly, with special emphasis on applying their academic skills in real-world settings.

Science Teacher
A child is the best scientist there is. By learning by doing, you’re actually bringing out your inner scientist.


In addition to a powerful math and science curriculum, Village students get opportunities to actively engage and expand their learning through programming and robotics lessons, time in the Makerspace and in-depth science experiments like dissecting sheep brains.

See how a Village School education encourages a lifetime of rich and layered learning. 

Village School curriculum