Village School students are bursting with curiosity and eager to soak up as much knowledge as they can.

Our hands-on curriculum sparks a relationship to learning that’s fun and exciting. In the process, students establish a deep appreciation for the diverse and dynamic world around them. 

The Village School curriculum puts students at the center of a program driven by our core competencies and core values with a focus on building character; fostering curiosity and engagement; and developing skills and understandings in literacy, mathematics, science and social studies that provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning. 

The Village curriculum intentionally incorporates physical education, global languages, visual and performing arts, makerspace, and technology into the students' daily experience. By the sixth grade, academics align more closely with the Middle School. Students manage their own schedule; make choices regarding arts, physical education and language; and they engage in more academic research projects that offer new opportunities to share their learning.

Village School Curriculum

K-2 Curriculum Overview

K-2 Curriculum Descriptions by Grade

3-5 Curriculum Overview

3-5 Curriculum Descriptions by Grade

With the thoughtful guidance of our teachers, Village School children become increasingly self-aware and adept at:

Lower Village

  • Understanding and living by Chadwick’s Core Values 
  • Reading and understanding the feelings and perspectives of peers 
  • Adapting behavior to match the needs of a situation 
  • Resolving conflicts 
  • Expressing needs and feelings appropriately 
  • Learning the give-and-take of working with others 
  • Developing the flexibility to follow as well as lead 
  • Building persistence, resilience and confidence in the face of difficulties

Upper Village

  • Understanding that there is more than one valid perspective or way to solve a problem 
  • Developing an appreciation for diversity in its many forms 
  • Thinking through challenging situations, anticipate likely outcomes and adjust behavior based on our core values
  • Understanding and respect the feelings and perspectives of others 
  • Setting boundaries, negotiate conflict among friends and cope with peer pressure to conform
  • Choosing friends thoughtfully and hone skills for entering new groups 
  • Admitting missteps and take responsibility for their own ideas, choices and behaviors
  • Being assertive, find their true voice and develop peer leadership skills 

See how Village School students go beyond academics to explore, expand and express themselves.

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